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Engineering Examination

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Engineering Examination

What is the FE Exam?

The FE Exam, or Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, is a required exam designed for seniors and recent graduates of an EAC/ABET-accredited program. The FE Exam is a computer-based exam administered year-round and includes 110 questions. The exam appointment time is six hours long.

To learn more about the FE Exam specifications, please visit

Board approval is not required in Nebraska to sit for the FE Exam.    

What is the PE Exam?

The PE Exam, or Principles and Practice of Engineering Exam, is a required exam to become a licensed professional engineer. In Nebraska, an individual can take the PE exam after passing the FE exam and graduating from an ABET/EAC-accredited program.

To learn more about the PE Exam specifications, visit NCEES at 

Board approval is required in Nebraska to sit for the PE Exam.

What is the SE exam?

The SE Exam, or Structural Engineering Exam, is a required examination to become a Professional Structural Engineer. In Nebraska, an individual can take the SE exam after taking and passing the FE exam and graduating from an ABET/EAC or CEAB-accredited program. The exam is 16 hours and given over two days.

To learn more about the SE Exam, visit NCEES at

Board approval is required in Nebraska to sit for the SE Exam.

Who administers the FE, PE, and SE exams?

The FE, PE and SE Exams are created and administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES).  

When can I take the FE exam?

Individuals can take the FE exam as seniors or after graduation from an EAC/ABET or CEAB-accredited program.  

When can I take the PE/SE exam?

Individuals can take the PE or SE exam in Nebraska after graduating from an ABET/EAC and CEAB-accredited program and passing the FE Exam. 

I have a non-EAC/ABET-accredited degree but have met the NCEES Education Standard. When can I sit for the PE Exam?

You may sit for the exam no sooner than four calendar years after completion of your bachelor’s degree.

Do I need to have Board approval prior to taking the FE Exam?

No. Individuals can register to take the exam through NCEES without Nebraska Board approval.

Do I need to have Board approval prior to taking the PE Exam?

Yes. Individuals will need to:

  1. Complete and submit the Principles and Practice Exam Application, along with the applicable filing fee.
  2. Either request official verification of your EAC/ABET-accredited degree be sent to the Board directly from the institution, or its authorized agent, or request a copy of your NCEES Credentials Evaluation report to be sent directly to the Board.
  3. If you passed the FE exam in another state, have verification of passage sent directly to the Nebraska board from the licensing board in the state in which you passed the exam.

Once all of the above has been received by the Board staff, the Board will review the application and notification of the Board's action will be sent. Approved applicants must then register with and submit any exam registration fees directly to NCEES by the deadline posted on NCEES’ website. 

Applicants must receive approval from the Nebraska board to sit for either the PE or SE exam before registering with NCEES. Failure to do so may result in the loss of registration fees paid to NCEES and/or the eligibility to sit for the exam.

To view Board deadlines, please visit the PE Page.

How often is the FE exam offered?

The FE exam is held year-round at NCEES approved Pearson VUE testing centers. To learn more about the FE exam, visit

How often is the PE/SE exam offered?

How often an exam is held depends on the exam. Currently, the Chemical and Environmental CBT Exams are held year-around. The Petroleum and Nuclear CBT exams are held one day a year. All other exams are paper-and-pencil based and held twice a year in April (Agricultural and Biological, Architectural, Industrial, and Naval) and October (Control Systems, Fire Protection, Metallurgical, Mining and Material). To see upcoming exam dates, visit the PE Page.

Do my FE and PE need to be taken in the same state?

No. FE and PE exams do not need to be taken in the same state.

How are the FE and PE Exams administered?

As of 2019, all FE exams, in addition to the PE Chemical, Nuclear, Petroleum, and Environmental exams have transitioned to computer-based testing (CBT). The remaining PE disciplines will transition to the CBT over the next five years. To see when exams will move to CBT, visit

How are the exams structured? Multiple choice? Essay?

Computer-based exams have different options from paper exams. Currently, the computer-based exams and include different item types including multiple-choice, multiple correct options, point and click, drag and drop, and fill in the blank. To learn more about computer-based exam structure, visit here.

Are there practice exams?

Yes. NCEES offers a variety of exam prep materials that can be found on their website at

How long does it generally take to finish the FE Exam?

The appointment time for the FE is six hours. For more information, please refer to the NCEES website.

How long does it generally take to finish the PE/SE Exam?

The appointment time for computer-based PE exams is eight hours.

For the paper and pencil PE exams, the time slot is eight hours split into two four-hour sessions on the same date. The SE exam is a sixteen-hour exam given over two days in four four-hour sessions.

For more information, please refer to the NCEES website.

How much does the FE exam cost?

The FE exam costs $175 through NCEES. There is no additional fee to pay to the Nebraska Board.

How much does the PE/SE Exam cost?

The paper and pencil PE Exams costs $350, the computer-based testing exams cost $375 and the SE costs $500 per component through NCEES. There is an additional application fee of $30 payable to the Nebraska Board.

Can I get reimbursed for my exam?

Individuals who have met the requirements set forth in Neb. Rev. Stat. 81-3432.01 and Board Rule 2.7.1, may qualify for a $50 educational debt reimbursement. You can learn more here

How many times can I retake the FE exam?

Nebraska follows NCEES’s approval policy. To find out more, refer to the NCEES examinee Guide

How many times can I retake the PE or SE Exam?

Applicants can take the PE Exam/SE Component four times before additional formal education requirements must be met along with submitting for Board approval is granted to take the exam/component again. Once approved, the examinee may take the exam one additional time.       

How and when will I receive my exam results?

Per NCEES, FE and computer-based PE exam results are normally released to the candidate seven to ten business days. PE results for paper and pencil exams are normally released within six to eight weeks after the exam administration. NCEES will send an email notifying the candidate the results are available for viewing via their MyNCEES account.


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