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State of Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects



Professional Engineers previously licensed in Nebraska whose license has been expired for more than a year must submit the following to be reinstated to practice:

  • A complete new Application for Licensure of a Professional Engineer and applicable filing fee or apply online;
  • Documentation of Continuing Education compliance during the previous two-year period, including a Continuing Education Log showing the type of activities, claimed and attendance verification records in the form of completion certificates or other documents supporting evidence of attendance. The CE log and attendance verification records must be arranged in order by completion date and combined into one document, such as a PDF. If the Board receives materials not in compliance with this requirement, the information will not be accepted, and the licensee will be required to resubmit their information in conformance with the requirements.
  • A License Reinstatement Affidavit.

All reinstated licensees must meet current requirements for licensure. The previous license number will be retained.

Please note: If you are coming to the NBEA office to pay any fees associated with reinstatement - you MUST have a check or exact cash. The NBEA office does not accept card payments


 Affidavit of Specific Discipline

 Application for Licensure of a Professional Engineer

 Continuing Education Log

Engineer Online License Application

 License Reinstatement Affidavit

If you have any questions about reinstating your engineer license, please contact us.