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State of Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects

Renew Your License

The renewal system for licensees whose last names begin with letters A through K, and expire on December 31, 2023, is now available here.

License renewals are valid for a period of two years. In October of each biennium year, renewal notifications are sent to licensees. Renewal forms must be received and processed online no later than 11:59 CT on December 31 to avoid a late payment fee. Licensees with last names beginning with A through K will have their license expire in odd-numbered years (ex: 20212023). Those with last names beginning with letters L through Z will have their license expire at the end of each even-numbered year (ex: 2022, 2024).

Renew Online

Please Note: 

  • If you are having issues renewing online - contact the Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects staff at (402) 471-2021 or
  • If your license expires this year and you prefer not to renew online, please contact our staff for a paper renewal form. 
  • If your license expired on 12/31/2021 with last names beginning with letters A through K and you wish to renew, you are no longer able to renew your application online. Please contact our office for a paper reinstatement form. 
  • Certificates of Authorization cannot renew online.
  • A license may be renewed within one year of the date of an expiration with an additional late payment penalty (Architect Fee Schedule Engineer Fee Schedule).

Audit Assistance!

If you receive an audit notice after you submit your renewal application, your license will not be renewed until your audit is complete. To submit your records, please email two PDFs: one with your logs and the other with your attendance verifications in the same order as they appear on the log. Forward your audit documentation to If you have questions, you can call (402) 471-2021.

How to Renew Your License Online

  • To renew your license online, click here. You may also elect to obtain emeritus status (a one-time $25 fee).
  • Payment methods accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or electronic check. 
  • Receipt information will be emailed to you or can be printed after renewing online when you locate the sign-on screen. Enter your login information, and you will then be given an option to reprint your receipt. 

How to Renew Your License with a Paper Application

  • Please contact our staff to obtain your paper renewal form. 
  • If you requested a paper renewal form, complete and make any changes on the form before December 31 and mail it to the Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects with the applicable fee.
  • A receipt will be mailed once your payment has been received and you have not been selected for an audit.
  • Please note: If you come in person to our office to pay a renewal fee - you must have a check or exact cash. The NBEA office does not accept card payments or have the ability to make change.  

Change to Emeritus Status

  • Emeritus status may be selected if you are retiring and/or no longer practicing in Nebraska. Once emeritus status is granted, you are no longer authorized to practice but may use the honorary title Architect Emeritus or Professional Engineer Emeritus. 
  • If you are not renewing your license and wish to change to Emeritus status and are submitting your renewal using a paper form, please mark the "Change to Emeritus Status" box on the form and enclose $25.
  • You may also select Emeritus status through the online renewal system

If you have any questions about the renewal of your license, please contact us.