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Further Engineering Questions

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Further Engineering Questions

What is a professional engineer?

A professional engineer has been licensed by the Board to practice engineering in the state of Nebraska. The board may designate a professional engineer, based on education, experience and examination, as being licensed in a specific discipline of engineering signifying an area in which the professional engineer has demonstrated competence.

What can a professional engineer do that an individual with an engineering degree cannot?

A professional engineer can be listed as the responsible licensee for engineering work on studies, designs, drawings, and specifications. A professional engineer has been granted the ability to work on projects of a certain size and complexity by the Board whereas an individual with an engineering degree, has not been granted such abilities.  

When can I call myself a professional engineer?

Individuals can call themselves a professional engineer after

  1. Graduating from an EAC/ABET or CEAB-accredited program OR meeting the NCEES Education Standard;  
  2. Passing the FE exam;
  3. Passing the PE exam;
  4. Gaining four years of progressive engineering experience;
  5. Passing the Nebraska exam; and
  6. Been issued a license by the Board. 

Any individual using the title “professional engineer” in Nebraska who has not completed the above steps and received Board approval is in violation of Nebraska Revised Statute §81-3441 of the Nebraska Engineers and Architects Act.

Once I pass the PE, am I licensed?

No. Individuals looking to become licensed in Nebraska will need to have at least four years of progressive engineering experience and take a short exam on the Nebraska statutes and rules before becoming licensed.

If I become licensed in one state, am I licensed in all states?

No. Becoming licensed in one state does not automatically license you in all states and territories. While states have similar requirements for licensure, some states may have additional requirements or state-specific exams. 

Do other states have further testing requirements?

Yes. Some states have state-specific exams.

Do other countries require a license to work as a professional engineer?

Yes. Some counties require a license to work on engineering projects. 


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