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Further Architecture Questions

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Further Architecture Questions

What is an architect?

An architect is an individual who has been licensed by the Board to practice architecture in the State of Nebraska.

What can a licensed architect do that an individual with an architecture degree cannot?

An architect can practice architecture related to any service or work that involves the practice of architecture and which they are competent to perform. An individual with an architecture degree but no license can work only on projects of limited size and scope.

When can I call myself an architect?

Individuals can call themselves an architect after being issued a license by the Board.  This generally requires:

  1. Graduating from a NAAB or CACB-accredited program OR meeting the NCARB Education Standard ;
  2. Passing the ARE exam;
  3. Completing NCARB’s Architectural Experience Program (AXP);  and
  4. Passing an exam, administered by the Board, on state laws and rules governing the practice of architecture.

Any individual using the title “architect” in Nebraska who has not completed the above steps and been issued a license is in violation of Nebraska Revised Statute §81-3441 of the Nebraska Engineers and Architects Act.

If I become licensed in one state, am I licensed in all states?

No. Becoming licensed in one state does automatically license you in all states and U.S. territories. While states have similar requirements for licensure, some states may have additional requirements or state-specific exams. 

Will other states have further testing requirements?

Yes. Some states have state-specific exams.

Do other countries require a license to work as an architect?

Yes. Some other countries require a license to work on architecture projects. 

I just graduated from high school and want to be a licensed architect. How long will that take?

In 2018, the average licensure candidate completed the core requirements for licensure—including completing their degree, gaining the required experience, and passing the ARE examination—in 12.8 years.


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