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State of Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects


Emeritus licensees are architects or professional engineers who has relinquished his or her license and who is approved by the Board to use the honorary title emeritus. Upon the Board's approval, an architect or professional engineer who has renounced his or her license may use the honorary “Architect Emeritus” and “Professional Engineer Emeritus,” respectively.

To obtain emeritus status, professional engineers and architects whose licenses are subject to renewal and are not engaged in professional practice can elect "Emeritus Status" on their online or paper renewal form.  On the paper form, mark the box next to “Change to Emeritus Status” and return a $25 check with the paper renewal form to the Board.  If an in-person payment is preferred, please pay by either the exact cash or check, as Board staff cannot accept card payments or have the ability to make any change. For more details, please visit the renewal page

Once approved for Emeritus status, such status does not expire or need to be renewed.  Emeritus licensees may use the titles Architect Emeritus or Professional Engineer Emeritus as appropriate.  Emeritus licensees are also eligible to receive Board publications. However, they are prohibited from practicing architecture or engineering in Nebraska, nor can they be the responsible licensee in charge of an organization practicing engineering or architecture in Nebraska.


To be reinstated to practice, an architect or professional engineer who has elected emeritus status must submit a new Application for Licensure of an Architect to the Board, submit a License Reinstatement Affidavit that they have not practiced architecture or engineering during the emeritus period, and meet the requirements of Rule of The Nebraska Engineers and Architects Regulation Act. 

For more information regarding the reinstatement requirement, please refer to the engineer and architecture reinstatement page. 

To learn more about the emeritus title, see Rule 1.11.4 of The Nebraska Engineers and Architects Regulation Act.


If you have any questions about emeritus status, please contact us.