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State of Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects

Engineer - Fees

License Fees

License Application: $150

License Reinstatement Application: $150

*Temporary Application: $300

*Valid for one project for up to one year.

Enrollment Fees

Engineer Intern (EI) Enrollment Application: $30

Examination Fees

Principles & Practice of Engineering (PE) Application - NE Filing Fee*: $30

*Additional fees may be required after approval by the Board and are determined by the exam administrator.

Contact NCEES for more information.

License Renewal Fees

Individual Renewal: $80

*Monthly Penalty for Late Renewals: $8

*(maximum of $80)

Certificate of Authorization Fees

Certificate of Authorization Application for Organization

# of Licensees










Valid for two years

Certificate of Authorization Renewal for Organization

# of Licensees










Valid for two years

Size of organization is based on the number of licensed architects and professional engineers employed by the organization both in the United States and other countries, regardless of their jurisdiction of registration or licensure or if the organization is applying to practice only one profession. It does not include licensees who provide occasional part-time or consulting services.

Other Fees

Emeritus Status/Renewals - Non-practicing Engineers: $25

Valid for one year.

Duplicate Wall Certificate (Licensee or Engineer Intern): $25

Returned Check Fee: $30

Roster and/or Public Information Requests: Varies

Cost will be determined by time required to generate documents per Nebraska Public Records Statute 84-712. Standard roster requests will be free and available within four business days. Mailing lists requests by government agencies, political subdivisions of Nebraska or engineering or architectural societies will be issued at no cost to the requesting organization.  Requests must be specific (what information needs to be obtained) and in writing. Send requests to

Verification of Examination and Licensure: $0


If you have any questions about fees relating to engineers, please contact us.