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State of Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects


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How do I file a complaint?

A complaint against any person or organization involving any matter coming within the jurisdiction of the Board shall be in writing and shall be filed with the Board. Using the Complaint Form is preferred. 

Who is the Respondent?

The Respondent is the person or organization alleged to have violated the E&A Regulation Act and/or Board Rules. Respondents can be an architect, professional engineer, organization, or an unlicensed member of the public. 

Who is the Complainant?

The Complainant is the person or organization filing a complaint with the Board. Complainants can be an architect, professional engineer, organization, or a unlicensed member of the public.  

What can I submit with a complaint?

You will need to submit a written account of the alleged violation, who was involved, and the project address (if applicable). Any contracts, technical documents or other evidence supporting your complaint can also be submitted with the Complaint Form. Providing as much information as possible is helpful to the Board.

Will I hear back from someone after filing the complaint?

Board staff will typically contact you within one week of receiving the complaint to verify information and gather any additional information that may be required.

If I file a complaint, will I know the outcome?

Typically, the complainant receives a letter notifying them of the outcome of the complaint. In the event that the Board finds a violation of the E&A Regulation Act and/or Board Rules occurred, the Board may resolve the matter through disciplinary action via a formal or informal process. If no violation occurred, the Board dismisses the complaint.

Are complaints published?

Complaints are summarized in the Board's electronic newsletter, The Nebraska Professional. The identity of the Respondent is only published when the Board takes disciplinary action.

I live out of state and worked on a Nebraska project with a Nebraska licensee who I believe was in violation of the Act. Can I file a complaint if I live out of state?

Yes. Anyone can file a complaint with the Board.

If an architect or professional engineer ever had a complaint filed against them, can I request that information?

In instances where the Board has taken disciplinary action, the resulting Order of Disciplinary Action or Settlement Agreement is considered public record and available upon written request. Investigative records of the Board may be withheld upon a public records request, per Nebraska statutes regarding public records


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