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State of Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects

Engineer Intern Enrollment


To be eligible to currently enroll as an Engineer Intern (EI) in Nebraska, you must:

  1. Pass the FE exam; and
  2. Have graduated from either an EAC/ABET or CEAB-accredited engineering program OR met the NCEES Engineering Education Standard.

Enrollment Process

  1. Complete and submit the Application for Engineer Intern Enrollment along with the applicable filing fee. Note: If you passed the FE exam in Nebraska prior to January 2014, you do not need to submit an Engineer Intern Enrollment Application. Your certificate will be issued automatically upon receipt of your graduation verification.

  2. Request a copy of your official transcripts to be sent directly to the Board from the institution where you received EAC/ABET-accredited engineering degree. Electronic transcripts are acceptable and should be sent to

  3. If your program is not EAC/ABET or CEAB-accredited, you must have your education evaluated by NCEES Credentials Evaluations to determine if it meets the NCEES Education Standard. The report must be submitted directly to the Board. If deficiencies are identified, they must be corrected as outlined in Rule 2.2.4 of The Nebraska Engineers and Architects Regulations Act. Note: If your degree(s) are only in engineering technology, it has been the Board's experience that these degrees typically do not meet the NCEES Education Standard due to a deficiency in engineering sciences and design. In addition, NCEES will only conduct evaluations where the applicant has graduated from:
    1) A Foreign (non-U.S.) engineering degree program, or
    2) A U.S.-based, non-ABET/EAC-accredited degree program in engineering, engineering technology, related science, or mathematics only when coupled with a master's degree or doctorate from a program that is ABET/EAC-accredited at the undergraduate or graduate level.

  4. Have verification of the FE exam passage sent directly to the Board. You can submit an electronic verification request of such via your MyNCEES account.

Upon receipt of all the above and after approval of the Board, you will be enrolled as an Engineer Intern and a certificate noting such will be issued. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit all required applications, documents, and fees to the Board. 

Becoming an Engineer Intern is not required to sit for the PE Exam or to become a licensed Professional Engineer in Nebraska. 

 Application of Engineer Intern Enrollment

If you have any questions about the requirements for intern enrollment, please contact us.