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State of Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects

Board's Rules updated; effective October 8, 2022

Governor Pete Ricketts approved proposed changes to the Board’s rules (Title 110, Neb. Admin. Code). The changes were the subject of a public hearing the Board held on August 5, 2022. No comments opposing these changes were received.

These changes are summarized below.

Chapter 2.  Initial Licensure of Professional Engineers

In 2019, NCEES reduced the amount of general education hours in the NCEES Education Standard from 16 hours to 12.  Consequently, Rule is modified and reduces the number of general education hours the Board may credit to an applicant from nine to six. This change aligns with NCEES’ reduction and keeps the hours credited as a multiple of three (as most college courses are given 3 semester hours credit).

In addition, and due to LB755’s passing in 2020, the Board is no longer reviewing a P.E. candidate’s experience when applying for the NCEES PE Examination.  The Board is instead reviewing experience when they apply for licensure. Rule is consequently deleted, and subsequent rules in Section are renumbered.

Chapter 6.  The Licensee Seal

A new Rule Section 6.5 is added to require licensees and organizations to provide identifying information including but not limited to the licensee's name, location of the project, and the organization's Certificate of Authorization number on technical documents that constitute the practice of engineering or architecture. In addition, if a licensee uses standard details prepared by a jurisdiction, the name of such entity which prepared the detail must be noted on technical submissions. The Board’s position is that this information would help the general public, building officials, state agencies, and other entities identify the individuals and organizations that prepared the work.  

Chapter 9.  Continuing Education

Rule 9.7.1 is modified to allow Board the ability to audit any licensed architect or professional engineer for continuing education compliance at any time, not just in conjunction with the renewal process.  Rule 9.7.3 is changed to change the process and timeline used when the Board disallows some or all of a licensee’s continuing education. Both rules are also modified to align rule with current audit procedures.

Chapter 10.  Exemptions; Clarification

The definition of a farm building is introduced as New Rule 10.2.5, and uses the definition of an “agricultural building” as used in the state building code (established by N.R.S. §71-6403).

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