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State of Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects

Engineer - Verification

Verification for Professional Engineers and Examinees

To request an electronic license and/or exam verification to be sent to Nebraska or to have Nebraska send a verification to another state, you will need to log into your MyNCEES account. Click on License or Exam Verification from the Common Tasks shown on the Dashboard screen. If you do not have a MyNCEES account, one may be created at

If you need to have verification sent to Nebraska and the verifying board is not listed in the NCEES system, please send a Nebraska Engineer Verification form to the verifying state to be completed and returned directly to us. You will need to contact the verifying state to determine if there are any fees or other requirements for this service.

If you need Nebraska to send verification and the receiving state is not listed in the NCEES system, you may forward the state's verification form via email to

Nebraska does not charge for this service.

 Engineer Verification Form

If you have any questions about verification, please contact us.