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State of Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects

Architects - Temporary Permits

A non-resident architect, who holds a current license in good standing issued by another licensing jurisdiction recognized by the Board, may apply for a Temporary Permit to provide engineering services for no more than one project, not to exceed two years in length. The temporary permit holder uses his/her seal from the state of the verified license when sealing documents pertaining to the Nebraska project and accompanied with the permit information provided by the Board.

Application Process

It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit all required applications, documents, and fees to the Board.

  1. Complete and submit the Temporary Permit Application along with the applicable filing fee; and
  2. Have verification of your current license sent directly to the Nebraska board from the issuing licensing jurisdiction or NCARB. The license verification may be able to be submitted electronically. If not, paper verification can be found here.
  3. Upon receipt of your application, an exam on the Nebraska E&A Act and Board’s Rules and Regulations will be sent to you. This must be successfully passed and sent back to the Board prior to your permit being issued.

Temporary Permits may be issued administratively by Board staff contingent on formal approval by the Board and will consist of a template containing the applicant’s name, permit number, expiration date, and the project name and location.

If the project lasts longer than two years, the permit holder must obtain a Nebraska architect to continue practicing in the State.

A project is being carried out in Nebraska under an organization’s name, the organization must apply for a Certificate of Authorization.

Associated Fees

See our Fees page for a guide on fees associated with obtaining a Temporary Permit. Fees must be paid by check or money order; the Board does not accept credit card payments for this application fee.

Organizational Use

Organizations are not issued temporary permits. However, a project being carried out in Nebraska under an organization’s name must apply for a Certificate of Authorization.  A temporary permit holder can be named as the Architect in responsible charge for the purpose of obtaining a Certificate of Authorization. 

More Information

More detailed information can be found in Chapter 4.2 of the Rules and Regulations in the E&A Act.

 Temporary Permit Application

 Architect Verification Form

Temporary Permits FAQ


If you have any questions about temporary permits to practice architecture, please contact us.

If you have any questions about status of your application or how to complete the forms, please contact us.