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State of Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects

Architect-Initial Licensure


The requirements for initial licensure as an architect in Nebraska are: 

  1. A degree from either a National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) or Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) accredited program, OR meet the NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) Education Standard:
  2. Completion of the Architectural Experience Program (AXP), formerly known as the Intern Development Program (IDP), OR its equivalent as determined and verified by NCARB;
  3. Passage of all sections of the NCARB Architect Registration Examination (ARE): and
  4. Passage of an exam on the Nebraska statutes and rules. (This will be sent to the applicant upon completion of the ARE).

​If you have passed the ARE in another jurisdiction but are looking to obtain your initial license in Nebraska, you will need to complete an Architect Initial License Application after meeting the above requirements.




Graduation from a National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) accredited program or equivalent

A Master of Architecture program at the University of Nebraska’s College of Architecture is the only NAAB-accredited program in Nebraska. To search for other accredited programs, click here.

Please note, NAAB accredits programs, not institutions. 


Graduation from a Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) program or equivalent

CACB, which receives its authority from the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities (CALA) and the Canadian Council of University Schools of Architecture (CCUSA), certifies educational qualifications and professional programs at Canadian universities for individual architectural graduates;

In Canada, there are 11 university schools of architecture that have been granted by CACB accreditation for their professional programs. To search for CACB-accredited programs, please click here.

Non-Accredited Degree Evaluations

Applicants who wish to take the exams, but do not have a NAAB or CACB-accredited degree must obtain an evaluation report from Education Evaluation Services for Architects (EESA-NCARB). The Nebraska Board requires the applicant to have met the NCARB Education Requirement with a degree in the field of architecture. The EESA-NCARB program evaluates the credentials of foreign-educated and broadly-experienced architects against the NCARB Education Standard. Their report is to be submitted directly to the Nebraska Board.

Educational Debt Reimbursement Request

Architecture students may receive a $100 reimbursement from the Board if they:

  • Have established an NCARB record,
  • Hold a NAAB-accredited architectural degree from an institution in Nebraska, and
  • Have qualifying educational debt. Qualifying education debt is defined as any government or commercial loans obtained by a student for post-secondary education, tuition, other educational expenses, or reasonable living expenses, as determined by the Board. 

To request reimbursement:

  • Complete the Architectural Education Reimbursement Request Form and send the completed form to the Board; 
  • Request the granting institution to send a copy of your official transcript directly to the Board. Electronic transcripts may be sent to
  • Have NCARB send verification of your NCARB Record establishment (ARE Eligibility Notice) directly to the Board;
  • Your request and transcript must be received within 12 months of graduation from the NAAB-accredited architecture program.

Allow six to eight weeks for processing. Reimbursement will be in the form of a check from the State of Nebraska.

 Architectural Educational Debt Reimbursement Form 

 Architect Initial License Application

NAAB Accredited Program Search

CACB Accredited Program Search

University of Nebraska's College of Architecture

If you have any questions about status of your application or how to complete the forms, please contact us.

If you have any questions about the education requirements for architect licensure, please contact us here.

Architectural Experience Program (AXP)

Completion of the Architectural Experience Program (AXP), formerly known as the Intern Development Program (IDP), administered and verified by NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) or its equivalent as determined by NCARB is required to meet the experience for initial licensure. AXP is a comprehensive training program created to ensure that architectural interns gain the knowledge and skills required for the independent practice of architecture. More information on the program can be found on NCARB's website.

ARE applicants must be enrolled in AXP prior to qualifying to sit for the exam.

If you have any questions about AXP or the experience requirements for architect licensure, please contact us.

Architect Registration Examination (ARE)

As of November 14, 2020, Board approval to register and sit for the ARE is no longer required. All ARE exam registration and approvals will be handled directly through the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). For more information on registering and sitting for the exam after this date, click here. 

Nebraska follows NCARB's policies and procedures for taking the exam.  

Study Materials

The study materials for the exam are available from NCARB.

If you have any questions about the ARE or the examination requirements for architect licensure, please contact us.

Initial Licensure

To qualify for initial licensure (neither licensed nor ever been licensed in another jurisdiction), you must have:

  1. Graduated from a NAAB or CACB-accredited engineering program or met the NCEES Education Standard;
  2. Completed the AXP or its equivalent as determined and verified by NCARB;
  3. Passed all sections of the ARE; and
  4. Passed an exam, administered by the Board, on the Nebraska E&A Act, the E&A Rules, and the ethics of practicing architecture.

Note: If you were approved to sit for the ARE prior to November 14, 2020, you are not required to submit the Application for Initial Licensure of an Architect. Once you have passed all sections of the exam, you will be sent the exam on the Nebraska E&A Act, E&A Rules, and ethics. Once the successfully passed exam is received along with verification you have completed AXP (this must come directly from NCARB), your license will be issued.

Application Process

It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit the application along with all supporting documents and fees to the Board.

  1. Complete and submit the Application for Initial Licensure of an Architect along with the applicable filing fee.
  2. Request NCARB to transmit your NCARB record directly to the Board. This is done through your MyNCARB account. 
  3. Have your references complete the Architect Character Reference form and submit the form directly to the Board using the contact information at the top of the form. If the form is emailed or faxed, a hard copy is not required. 
  4. Upon receipt of your application, an exam on the Nebraska E&A Act and Rules will be sent to you. This must be sent back to the Board and successfully passed prior to your license being issued.

Once all the above has been received, your application will be reviewed by the Board at its next meeting. The license will be issued upon approval.

 Architect Initial License Application

If you have any questions about the application process for initial licensure, please contact us.